Thursday, January 6, 2022


The final issue of Justice League Infinity—the conclusion of our seven issue, mulitversal epic—is out now.  It's been a genuine pleasure working with James Tucker, Ethen Beavers, Nick Filardi, Andrew Marino, Tom Napolitano, DC Hopkins, and  our amazing array of cover artists, bringing the world of Justice League Unlimited back to life.

Will there be more?  My understanding is that it depends on sales of the collected edition, which will be out in the spring—so we'll keep fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Hope everyone enjoys our grand finale!


  1. Hopefully the trades will sell well, because maybe then DC will let you use the real Justice League members, instead of those scrubs, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash.

    Fire, Ice, Vibe, Gypsy, (Commander) Steel, Rocket Red, Blue Beetle (you gave him one line of dialogue, doesn't count), Question, Green Arrow, his twin(?) Warlord... these are the characters people care about Dematteis.

    You think anyone wants to read about Batman?

    A billionaire who uses incredibly impractical means to serve his sense of person authority? I liked it better when it was called Mr. Burns.

    Wonder woman? A Warrior Princess tang;ed up in inaccurate Greek mythology? I'm sorry, I think DC misspelled Xena!

    And the Flash. Oh...he runs fast. Did they need the star of a high school track team for some reason? Oh, and he can control time? So, he's Zack Morris.

    What, is DC stuck in the 90s?

    Making a seasoned professional like you use the second... I'm sorry, fifth stringers.


    1. I'll try to do better next time. ;)

    2. It is not your fault Dematteis, it is DC, for trying to make you boost titles on that Z-lister in the cave, with the pointy ears.

      On the off chance that you need proof that Mr. Burns is the reason they want to push Batman, here it is :

      Although, if I am honest, I think the non-big seven (sort of...Hawkgirl) are what made the JLU so good.

      While I don;t think it is bad, Justice League is definitely my least favorite of the DCAU (Loo, something has to be the least). Where as the JLU is notably much better in my opinion, and I am not the only one who thinks so. A fellow comic fan, who is 14 years my senior, like BTAS and BAtman Beyond, but not JLTAS, so he did not watch JLU. I lent him my DVDs of JLU and really liked it.

      I think there are several reasons for this difference in quality. Dwayne Mcduffie taking a bigger role for one. Aside form being a talented writer, I think he brought a comic book sensibility to the show. For instance being able to tell stand alone stories that feel like part of a larger narrative if not story. As well as being able to make choices to build as you go. After all, according to McDuffie on the Justice League vs. Cadmus did not become an actual plotline until it had naturally started to form, and they decided to go with it,

      Also, bringing on comic writers who had a different view of the characters, having used them in the larger DC universe where intros were done years Earlier.

      For example, The JLTAS where they go to New Genesis is perfectly fine, but feels like a story where the League go someplace. Compare that to the Mr. Miracle story in JLU, it feels like with Miracle and Apokolips exist interdependently of the Justice League. The world does not revolve around the League, but rather that they interact with it. Something comic book writers are familiar with doing.

      But, also, those non-big seven are a large part of it too. For many reasons. For starters, I think the desire to make it bigger than life and iconic with the big seven often limits potential... in the comics, and with the Avengers too. It becomes why they are legends. Hey, there is a reason I prefer the F.F., Defenders, JSA, X-Men, X-Factor under PAD, and Invaders to either team, and my favorite era of the League are the JLI and Detroit years.

      The other characters are are not that. They are the rest. You can't fall back on legend. It has to be about the characters, and why they matter without being about how they function on a team as a whole.

      Also, the same reason the less popular characters can be so cool in the comics, fewer restrictions on what is right for them.

      But, to show there are no hard feelings, and I know everyone has to do the job teh boss's tell them... even using an also-ran like Batman and Wonder Woman, here is a song about one of your Brooklyn classmates...


    3. Dwayne M and my old pal Stan Berkowitz were my main points of contact on JLU and it was a delight working with both of them. Dwayne was a brilliant (and incredibly nice) guy and I can only imagine the incredible work he'd be turning out if he was still with us.

    4. Well DEmatteis, I only met McDuffie once, and it was at a comic time was not exactly something there was an abundance of. Although there was no line at the time.

      So, that is not a lot to go on, but... Yeah, he was a pretty nice guy. Seemed like a pretty happy and laid back one as well.

      I remember he talked to me, and another guy about Dr. Who. Try to remember Dematteis, this was before the Eleventh Doctor, which is when most people got onto the sow. He was a fan of them old school one as well.

      If you have not read his Fantastic Four, do yourself a favor and do so. The run is only 12 issues, but it is really good. Perhaps highlighting how good it is, Reed and Sue leave at the beginning... the old worn idea of replacing them... and it is STILL really good.

      And one of these days Dematteis,

      As for the JLU, if you want to know how influencial it really was, I will tell you this...

      It is not uncommon for comics to adapt to other media while it is on. Hulk was stuck in a state of permanent wandering while the 70s show was on, Tony Stark is pretty much just the MCU one, Superman adopted a kid because of Superman Returns, his character changed a bit after Superman 78, Mr. Freeze got a new origin, you get it.

      But the JLU completely added a chuck of life to the comic book counterpart of one of their mainheroes, that was worked into being the biggest part of his life


  2. This book was worth every turn of the page. It was so nice to get resolution to things that were left inconclusive in the original show, while not entirely closing the book on those developments either so there can be more to explore. I also like the little touches with Darksied and Diana, and of course, we all need a little WonderBat in our lives, a very underappreciated relationship for the dark knight that I wish DC would explore more of

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Zarius. I loved working on this project and hope we get to do more. My understanding is that the future hinges on sales of the collected edition, so...fingers crossed!