Monday, November 7, 2022


Had a wonderful chat with the Superheroes of Arabia podcast. So grateful that our modern tech allows us to reach across the globe for a conversation like this.



  1. For whatever reason, this showed up in my "feed" today.

    On the off chance you remember a conversion here form months ago, this should clear up any confusion had...


    1. Light on cheese...and it's not mozzarella! Fascinating, Captain!

    2. That is the cheese situation at Buddy's.
      The truth is, I never heard the term "Detroit Style Pizza" until about 10 years ago. It was just square pizza, a lot of pizza joints have that style and regular round. When you order you say , square or round.
      The places that do have both often do use mozzarella, because they are using it on the round as well.
      A lot of places will also have along with the normal round, Detroit,, New York, and whatever.

      It is not a bad style of pizza, though in honest, I do usually get round when I get pizza.

      I just did not want you to think that abomination called Chicago style pizza was found in more than one city. I know New Yorkers wake up screaming in the middle of the night to bad dreams of Chicago style taking over the country.


      P.S. some non-Buddy's locations actually will do extra cheese on a Square. It is not bad, but it does change the taste.

    3. In NY, the square style is called Sicilian...and sometimes the crust is very light and sometimes heavier, but there's still lots of mozzarella on top. One day I'll try "Chicago Style"—and I'll let you know if it makes me scream.