Monday, February 5, 2024


37 years ago today the "bwah-ha-ha" era of Justice League was launched—and I began one of the great creative journeys of my career.

I tip my hat to the amazing Kevin Maguire, whose one-of-a-kind storytelling set the tone for the talented crew of artists that followed, to our truly extraordinary editor, Andy Helfer, who made the whole thing possible, to letterer Bob Lappan who fit all that damn dialogue in with style and grace...

...and most of all to the brilliant Mr. Giffen—as talented and generous a collaborator as I've ever had. Keith: We miss you!


  1. That is actually a common misconception Dematteis, you did not create or work on the JLI, not did it have a beginning, nor will it have an end. It is a constant force in the universe that you can tap into.
    You were not even the first to tap into it, just the first to filter it into pop culture. The myths and legends of old are filled with it, the traces of it can be found in all religions and spiritual teachings.
    Some even say it was the JLI he tapped into when Daniel played his music
    Others that it was it was the universal universal sense of knowing that need not be spoken, that was taken by God when the Tower of Babel angered him.
    Others that its absence is what Hell truly is.

    I don't know about any of that, but I know it long predates a comic book.

    Sure, it is true none of the others who tried to tap into it could achieve certainly all deserve credit for that...and you hay have decided what personas to divide its aspect among, but it you did not create the JLI. No man or woman born of flesh could , yet they are the only ones "bold" enough to claim it.


  2. Given your love of old movies and old radio shows, why have you never done a story with Golden Age or pre-Golden Age characters?
    Okay, sure Captain America, Namor, Batman, and Superman all existed in the Golden Age, but you wrote them in and of the the modern era.

    It seems like the JSA, the Phantom, The Shadow, Green Hornet, .Doc Savage, or even Cap stories that took place before he was frozen would be perfect for that part of your interests.

    Also, uninteresting fact...
    The Golden Age Green Lantern owned a radio station whose cal sign was WXYZ, Despite what comic writers might think, that was the actual callsign for the ABC affiliate in South eastern Michigan, it still is for the ABC TV affiliate. It is also the radio station that created both The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet.
    Which means that Gotham is in Southeastern Michigan, and that he took the name Green Lantern four years after his radio station started airing the Green Hornet.
    I wonder if Alan Scott;s legal Department tried to sue his alter ego.


    1. Writing stories set in that era is a fun idea and it's going in the back of my head to marinate.

  3. A Beatles story that even you have never heard...


  4. Nothing like it then. Nothing really like it now. A wonderful comic. Here's to it - and all of you, too. Bwah-ha-happy birthday, JL! We love ya!