Monday, June 24, 2024


During our first DeMultiverse Kickstarter, we surprised our supporters with a bonus book, The Edward Gloom Mysteries: a supernatural adventure illustrated by the extraordinary Greek artist, Vassilis Gogtzilas (who co-created my IDW series The Adventures of Augusta Wind and provided ten remarkable illustrations for my novella, The Excavator). The response to Gloom was so positive that we’ll be offering a second issue as a Kickstarter bonus when we launch Phase II of the DeMultiverse on July 9th. (And, unlike Phase I, The Edward Gloom Mysteries will be offered immediately, not later in the campaign—and we’ll also be offering limited copies of our first issue to give new readers a chance to catch up.)

But why is it a bonus book and not part of the DeMultiverse proper—and why won’t it be included in our collected edition? Without diving into specifics, Gloom has had a somewhat tortuous creative journey and its inclusion in our campaigns is thanks to the good graces, and kind permission, of my buddy Chris Ryall, who’s been involved with the project for several years.

Our hope is to keep offering The Edward Gloom Mysteries as a DeMultiverse bonus with each campaign—and then Kickstart a collected edition once all four issues are complete (and we’ve got a lot of work in the drawer already!).

So we hope you’ll return with us to Amsterdamn City as Edward and his crew take on phantoms, monsters, and those strange, disturbing creatures called human beings. It promises to be a spooky and exciting ride.

Remember: July 9th on Kickstarter! Hope you join us!

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