Friday, January 6, 2012


“Another year over and a new one just begun,” as the song says.  But this, of course, isn’t just any year, this is 2012.  This is the year when, some say (many of them blaming the Maya for their own Apocalyptic hunger), the world will come to a horrible end.  When doom and disaster engulf us and Time Itself reaches its conclusion, sinking Creation  into a sea of Infinite Nothing.

To which I say—if that’s the world you want, go for it.  I’ve written before about the idea that the universe is just dreamstuff:  an eternal ocean of primal energy that’s only given form by our perceptions.  In other words, it’s all an illusion, tailored to, created by, the individual consciousness:  every one projecting our  dream-universes into the Void.  And with each choice we make, each mental step we take, each thought we send vibrating out into that ocean of energy, we birth new universes, an infinite stream of shimmering bubbles blown through the wand of our minds.  (With God, of course, as the Dreamer of dreamers; but let’s save that metaphysical digression for another post.)

So if you’re looking for your own very personal Apocalypse—if that’s where you’re investing your time and consciousness—I believe that’s what you’ll get.  In your universe, in your dream.  I choose not to invest my mind and heart in doomsday scenarios:  I’m focusing my consciousness on bringing forth a Golden Age.  In making 2012 as positive, as magical and miraculous, a year as we’ve ever seen.  I suspect that many—make that most—of you reading this feel the same way.  So let's raise a toast to a year of positive transformation, of peace and abundance, joy, health and unfettered creativity.

Happy Dreaming to you all.  And a very Happy New Year. 

©copyright 2012 J.M. DeMatteis


  1. I'm honestly not taking any of this stuff seriously myself. Y2K was enough for me already and I've never trusted living by numbers very much.

    For me, every new year is all about it being THE year that changes everything in a positive manner.

    May it be so in 2012.

  2. It's less of the Mayans predicting an END of all things, and more about how they just kinda ran out of room on the calendar to keep it going beyond the incredible long-form they already worked up.

    But still, no one can state that it wasn't an END but possible meant as a RESTART to the universe.
    A new and better age.

    With all the dictatorial regimes being toppled, the economic upheaval and shifting of priorities, the "Occupy" movements and all... it looks like were right on track.

    Peace to you and yours J.M.


  3. And peace to you and yours as well, P.

    There are some experts that say -- be it a positive prediction or a negative one -- that this whole "end of the calender" business is a complete misinterpretation.

    What I find fascinating is the fact that so many people get invested in these things and that, when we put our consciousness together, we have the potential to manifest the very thing we're focused on...even if that thing is a misin-terpretation of an ancient calender.

    That said, I'm firmly with you in the "positive reboot of the universe" camp. So Happy New Year and here's to good things!

  4. Hey J.M you are da man! Congrats, happy 2012! Thanks for Moonshadow and Ajax, Justice League stories!

  5. Right back at you, Daniel...and thanks for the kind words about Moon and JLA. But...who's Ajax?

  6. Happy Dreaming back at ya! (I love and very much resonate with the idea of God as the Dreamer of Dreamers.)

    Apocalyptic thoughts aside, I've always been fascinated with the precession of the ages along the ecliptic as described in videos such as this one:

    At the very least, we're going to get some amazing pictures come the December solstice. Kind of humbling to think we'll witness this once in twenty-six-thousand-plus lifetimes event!

  7. Hey, thanks -- I'll check that video out.

    And, yes, let's put ALL Apocalyptic thoughts aside
    and approach this, and every year, as a once in a (twenty-six thousand) lifetime event!

  8. Hope you enjoy. Don't worry, it's not anything controversial.

    In all the important ways, each moment, sure, is once in a lifetime, or even twenty-six-thousand lifetimes, event.

    But I do appreciate the rarity of this particular celestial hour, and the VIP status we have simply to witness it. Seeing the end of the Long Count of the Vedics, the Mayans, the Norse, and the Hopi (among many others) is, as you have written, not a limitation but an invitation.

  9. I'm with you on that. The fact is, anything that adds to the depth and mystery and promise of this amazing universe is welcome. And this alignment certainly adds to it, big-time. And I like your idea of us having "VIP status" as witnesses to this event!

  10. J.M LOL, I am Brazilian, you know that green guy of the justice league, that guy from Mars :-), he was called 'Ajax the martian' or the 'martian hunter' here LOL, I did not even bother to research before writing , I apologize ! You wrote an amazing saga to re-tell his history and dedicated it to Ray Bradbury, like you, other great American writer, at least in my not so humble opinion.

  11. Thanks so much for your kind words, Daniel! I loved working on the Martian Manhunter mini-series because a) I love the character and b) I loved working with the amazing Mark Badger. Great artist, great guy.