Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There will be three Imagination writing workshops in the first half of 2012 and I’m delighted to announce the first one, which is happening in conjunction with a wonderful Massachusetts comics shop called Modern Myths...


writing for comic books, graphic novels and animation
with J.M. DeMatteis

 Friday April 13th, 7 pm to 9 pm
              Saturday April 14th, 10 am to 5 pm (90 minute break for lunch)
              Sunday April 15th, 9 am to 1 pm

Modern Myths
             34 Bridge Street #4
             Northampton, MA. 01060

Join master storyteller J.M. DeMatteis for a weekend exploring the realms of imagination, from the metaphysical to the practical.  We’ll ponder the big questions...

~ Where do ideas come from?
~ What part does will play in the creative process? 
~ Is the best writing actually an act of channeling?
~ Do we create the story or does the story create us?

...and tackle the day-to-day realities of a career writing superhero sagas, fantasy epics and animation:

~ What’s the difference between “Marvel style” and “full script”?
~ What’s the value of editors?
~ Are agents necessary?
~ How do you handle rejection without jumping out the nearest window?

ome prepared to listen—as JMD shares stories and insights gleaned from more than thirty years writing comics, television, film and novels—but be prepared to work:  you’ll pitch ideas, dialogue artwork and help create a story from the ground up.

Bring all your questions, too:  this won’t be a brief, two hour seminar.  You’ll have an entire weekend, in an intimate setting, to explore your own creativity with J.M. DeMatteis as your guide.

Cost $415.00
Class size is limited.  To guarantee your place, register now.

To register and for more more information about lodging and transportation:  imaginationworkshops@gmail.com

And look for JMD’s four-day, writing-intensive Imagination 201 (open only to those who have taken Imagination 101), coming to Kingston, New York in May of 2012!


  1. Contrary to the belief of most New Yorkers, North Hampton Mass. and Detroit, MI are not the same place. Oh, but I kid New York. It's probably just as well, I can't imagine I'd be able to scrape together the $400+.

    Wishing you nothing, but goodwill and hipness from here to the stars,

    P.S. Is there any chance you will pick up Scarlet Spider #1, since it seems to have the same idea as your "Reilly on the Road" stories. hey if it's a hit that might not be a bad title for a new project.

  2. Hey, Jack -- great to hear from you. I haven't read Scarlet Spider, but I gather Ben Reilly is back? If so, I'm happy to hear it. But how did they explain it? Didn't he melt into a mass of clone-ish goo?

    Hope all's well in your world. JMD

  3. Sadly, no Ben isn't back (Glad to see someone else was a fan) It is now a genetically fixed-up Kaine. I didn't read the story where that happened, but Issue one of Scarlet was pretty good. It was a more flamboyant than Reilly's time on the road, but still seems to be copying the feel of it... in it's own way. But, like I said it has only been one issue. However as they say, "hope spring eternal, and which has me hopeful Marvel may want that J.M. guy to take on new tales about the original "Spider-Kerouac." Especially since it seems to me like, kaine is going to end-up being More like Ben. He even changed his hair color ro blonde... I think. So my guess is a name change may not be too far away.

    Wishing you nothing, but goodwill and hipness from here to the stars,

  4. Well, Jack. I'm as fond of Kaine as I am of Ben. Two fantastic characters. Glad that Kaine has found a well-deserved place in the Spiderverse. And if the opportunity ever arises to write an adventure or two of the new Scarlet Spider...or a resurrected Ben Reilly...I'll be there with webs on!

  5. I'm skeptical about a Kaine whose characterization falls between his former self and that of Ben.

    In other words:

    "Back in my day, Kaine was Kaine and Ben was Ben (when he wasn't Peter), and that was good enough for us! Now get off my lawn, you crazy kids!"


  6. You're a CRANKY old coot, David! : )

    Not having read the book I can't pass judgment. But the buzz seems to be quit good!

  7. Hah! That I am.

    I've heard really good things about the book, too. It's definitely intriuing, but I really, really want Ben back. Being turned into a pile of goo is a pretty slight obstacle in the Marvel Universe.

    "It's just a flesh wound!"

  8. "Being turned into a pile of goo is a pretty slight obstacle." That conversation can only happen around comics, David!

    Well, here's to Ben's return. We'll keep hoping!