Monday, January 9, 2012


I've wanted to stream some of my music here at Creation Point for some time now, but haven't been able to figure out how.  Truth is, I'm still figuring it out—but, in the meantime, I came across a site that was streaming one of my songs, complete with a code for embedding it elsewhere.  So here, for your listening and dancing pleasure, is a selection—from my CD How Many Lifetimes?—called "Baba Rain."  I hope you'll enjoy it.  (And, with a little luck, I'll stream more music in the coming months.)

J.M. DeMatteis - BABA Rain




Found at BABA Rain on


  1. Nice set of lungs on you, Marc! Very 60's sounding lyrics and music. I remember telling a friend of mine about this album back in the late 90's. Hope to hear more tracks like this from now on.

  2. Deep thanks, Joseph. One of my hopes for 2012 is to finally get back in the studio and record some more. I've got (at least!) three albums of material circling the airport.