Monday, August 22, 2016


Back from Terrificon at Mohegan Sun and it was...well...terrific.  Got to meet some wonderful—and wonderfully heartfelt—fans.  Spent a lot of time with that upstart kid, Keith Giffen.  (On Saturday we did a Giffen Roast that basically turned into a Giffen Lovefest.)  Had a great Spider-Man panel with Dan Slott, Peter David and Roger Stern (who I hadn't seen in something like twenty years).  Chatted with folks like Scott Kolins, Paul Levitz, Joe Staton and Todd Dezago (to name a few).  And did I mention the wonderfully heartfelt fans?

Thanks to Mitch Hallock and Spencer Beck for being such good hosts.  On to Baltimore!

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold meet Giffen and DeMatteis
Roasting Giffen (that's Paul Levitz next to Keith)
The Spider-Man panel with Dan Slott, Peter David, JMD and Roger Stern

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