Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This weekend I'll be heading to the Mohegan Sun hotel in Uncasville, Connecticut for the three day Terrificon.  They've got a fantastic guest list—and I'm looking forward to seeing old friends like Keith Giffen and Paul Levitz, as well as participating in a Spider-Man panel with living legends Dan Slott, Roger Stern and Peter David.  

If you're at the con, stop by my table, say hello and be sure to bring some books for me to sign.  See you there, I hope!


  1. Okay here it comes. I know you hoped to avoid it, but every Spider-Writer is going to be asked about it. You might as well get your story straight now. And please give a real opinion, not just "I'm sure they'll do great.

    That's right, its about the upcoming Spider-man movie and a controvertial decision made. That's right here it goes...

    What is your opinion on Spidey being in High School again? I mean they are already skipping the origin (thank God) so why not fast forward him to when he gets interesting. Lee himself had Pete out of High School more than in, and college is where the character REALLY got interesting.

    Its funny, because for decades Spider-man adaptions had Pete in college as the default. Why? Because there is more you can do in that environment. Then in the mid-2000s that changed.

    Like I said, I would prefer a real opinion on the phenomenon, and what you would prefer. If it wouldn't ruffle too many feathers. Of course remember, you can prefer something without thinking the other option is bad.

    Oh, what's that? You thought I was building to a different question? What ever was that?


    1. I actually think it's a great idea and a way for both the character and the actor to grow from movie to movie. We could have ten years of Spidey movies with the same actor and really watch Pete evolve. My only issue is that high school Peter is too young for them to adapt KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT!

    2. To be fair, I do just hate teenagers in leads, with Spider-man comics and New Warriors being one of the few exceptions. Odd as that may be.

      But even if they bumped him up to a sophomore in college, he could still grow over time. It would also get rid of the REALLY early days we've seen multiple times.

      But for that matter, adults grow over time too, especially with that kind of stress a superhero would have.

      Of course, its probably a moot point, I doubt the superhero movie fad will be around and strong for more than 2 movies... maybe even 1.

      Plus, come on, teenagers are annoying. Admit it.


    3. I don't agree. I find them fascinating. Actually, I was one once myself!

    4. If you can keep it quite... I was too. Hard to believe but true. Partially because ti Keep it on the down low.

      Do me a favor and don't tell anyone.


    5. You guys were teenagers?!? Me Too!!!