Monday, May 30, 2022


This Kraven's Last Hunt promo poster went out to comics shops when the story first appeared in 1987. A few years ago, a kind, generous fan gave me his copy—and I've finally framed it. Thirty-five years in the making!


  1. Comic promos really are a lost art form.

    They still kind of do hem, but mostly, they are just the cover of the first issue, When you look at covers of the 80s and early 90s, when comic shops were not the only game in town, they were something else.

    That image tells a story. You want to know what happens.

    I supposed cover should as well, but they are increasingly just poses.

    Even back in the old days when covers were more than that, there was something special about the promo posters.

    They really grabbed you. I suppose they had to, you had to convenience people to shop at the comic store instead of the drug store....

    Just in case you need something positive, here are people who helped in dark times.


  2. I've got a number of these promo posters framed in my office, but others have been sitting in the closet for years. I plan to keep framing them because some are truly works of art. (And thanks for the video!)

    1. Are they all from ones you wrote, or are there others ones in there too?
      Like one a friend gave you from their work, or you just really liked the art on one?
      Or... and I think this is the most likely....

      Did Tom Defalco just make you take a bunch? I can see it now...

      JM: Yes, Tom?
      TD: Mr. Defalco. We need you to take some pf these surplus promo posters.
      JM: I really don't have the room.
      TD: Dematteis, MArvel is a team. Every person has to do there part or we may not make it, for God's sake we might even become like...GOLD KEY! The work has to be done as a team, now are you a team player or not?
      JM (saluting) Yes, SIR!
      TD: Excellent! Now that will be 60 bucks each.

      I guess when you become EIC of Marvel, you become Stan Lee's self-caricature!

      OR... was it an under the table gift, from one Italian to another, about the best place to
      do oxygen" in the city.


    2. Your insights, as ever, are spot on, Jack. That's exactly how it happened! (They're all posters for my own work, by the way. Although I do have some Disney art on the walls, too.)