Monday, May 2, 2022


A short, but happy, post to formally announce that my new novella, a supernatural thriller called The Excavator, is coming soon from the fine folks at Neotext.  The novella will have ten beautiful, haunting illustrations by my friend, and frequent collaborator, Vassilis Gogtzilas.  More details to come!

illustration ©copyright 2022 Vassilis Gogtzilas


  1. I'm excited for this! I've had wonderful experiences in recent years reading novels/novellas written by authors with a background in comics and graphic novels. I often sense an unconstrained creativity in such works that you don't always encounter with authors who work squarely in the land of . . . "non-comics, non-graphic novel prose fiction?" Haha wasn't sure what to call it in this context.

    Please let us know when new details are available -- I feel like I know way too little about this novella!

  2. I absolutely will, Bill. Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm. I'm very excited about this piece—it's the first prose I've done since my novel IMAGINALIS back in 2010—and I had a fantastic time creating it.

  3. Mr. DeMatteis, I was wondering if you have a list of your upcoming convention appearances for 2022 posted somewhere?

    1. No cons for me in 2022. I'm hoping to get back to it next year!